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PCA is there for students at the beginning of your new career.

PCA for Students...

An effective resume is one of the most important tools a student can have in the quest for employment. A properly constructed resume tells just enough about you, your goals, your experiences and education to allow an employer to match those skills with available opportunities. Anyone can write down a chronology of work experiences but that alone is not an effective resume. The key issue in resume development is what to say and how to say it.

At Professional Career Associates we know how to position your experience and market it, just as companies do with the products they sell. We present that "product" in a way to enhance the positives and show why you should get the interview. Make no mistake, PCA is not a placement service nor can we guarantee you an interview. What we can and have done for hundreds of students is to give them an advantage going into the selection process.

The PCA services we offer to students is the same as what we offer to seasoned professionals except for one thing. We recognize that as students most of you do not have the financial resources of an experienced job seeker. For this reason we give currently registered students, (high school or college), a discount on everything we do. Our offering is generous but not entirely selfless. We know that as students you represent the future of Austin business and therefore our future. We hope to grow with you, be there for you now, and in the future, whenever career consultation needs arise.

If you are interested in seeing what PCA can do for you, please contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

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